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Having functional elements is a core aspect of every landscape and garden. Hardscaping is one such element which brings character and functionality to Landscapes. You can add tremendous appeal and value to your outdoor living space with hardscaping. And many new hardscape design ideas can help inspire you to create the space you always dreamed of. If you have a new outdoor space or overhaul to be done, TGM will help guide you, from beginning to end. Your elements may include everything you want in your landscape:

Driveways, Decks, Patios, Furniture, Play areas, Swimming pool, Outdoor kitchens, Edible garden, Garden Car porches etc. you name it and we use TGM’s Design philosophies to help you separate the musts from the maybes. We will present to you what you love, with an eye for detail, colors, materials, and furniture. You’ll see certain themes emerge—and then you’ll be ready to set a budget. Once done and Project is given a go ahead it will then be a breeze till the
handover day.






Kowdiar, Thiruvananthapuram

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We are a team of specialists professionally trained and experienced in Landscape Design. Each design plan is thoughtfully crafted to bring life to all of the clients’ requests thereby making their garden a dream come true.

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