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Consider us your partner for life! With an expert maintenance team and Horticulturist on board at the Green Mile be rest assured your plants and green spaces are in the best hands. Post-handover you will receive from us the right instructions for optimal Plant growth and care.
Our services include Lawn maintenance, hedge trimming, de-weeding, replanting/repotting, Pond and pool cleaning to name a few. We will always be available to discuss any requirements or questions you have whether we are at your property maintaining it or in the office – call anytime. That’s what we do for you. And more…. We are bound fix smiles on your faces and joy in hearts. Regardless of constraints, we can maintain a private paradise for you in your beloved home.






Kowdiar, Thiruvananthapuram

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We are a team of specialists professionally trained and experienced in Landscape Design. Each design plan is thoughtfully crafted to bring life to all of the clients’ requests thereby making their garden a dream come true.

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